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Mob Electro Mini Travel Umbrella for Rain Fits in Pocket or Purse Lightweight Umbrella-UV Protection

Mob Electro Mini Travel Umbrella for Rain Fits in Pocket or Purse Lightweight Umbrella-UV Protection

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About this item

You don't have to choose between huge, heavy, windproof umbrellas or a tiny umbrella that barely gives you any protection from the wind and the rain.

Flexible fiberglass and 6-rib of aluminum alloy design, Frosted rubberized handle and a wrist strap for easy carrying and control in windy conditions, this brings you a lasting sense of comfortable grip

Fully blocks heat and harsh UV rays with intensive black vinyl coating, prevents 95% of the UVThere is high-tech Nano Polymer Compound in the outermost coating layer. Its excellent water-repellency helps you shake most water off and put it back to your purse easily after use. In addition, the layer prevents 95% of the UV.

Excellent heat insulation effect ensures you every comfortable and safe traveling in hot weather

Delivered to more than 1000+ Happy customer in last Week 😍

Compact Design: Our capsule umbrellas are perfect for on-the-go. They easily fit into your bag or pocket, making them ideal for unexpected rain showers. 🚶‍♂️👜

  • Vibrant Colors: Choose from a variety of bright, eye-catching colors to match your style and brighten up even the gloomiest days. 🌧️➡️🌈

  • Easy to Use: Simply pop open the capsule, and you have a full-sized umbrella ready to keep you dry. 🌂✨

  • Durable and Reliable: Made with high-quality materials, our umbrellas are designed to withstand strong winds and heavy rain. 💪

  • Double Layer Protection: Made with thick, high-quality fabric that offers superior protection against UV rays, rain, and wind. This umbrella is both waterproof and windproof, making it perfect for any weather condition.

Strong Windproof Design

  The frame is reinforced with e-coated metals to prevent tarnishing and ensure long-lasting durability, even in strong winds. And its sturdy design and dependable material

Compact and Portable

With a folding size of only 9.5 inches, this umbrella is extremely portable. It fits easily into bags, making it perfect for travel and everyday use.

Versatile Usage

Ideal for various occasions, this umbrella makes a thoughtful gift for parents, friends, colleagues, and more. Its compact design ensures you can carry it effortlessly wherever you go


Why to Choose Our Capsule Shape Umbrella?

  • Superior UV Protection: Stay cool and protected from harmful UV rays with our specially coated fabric.
  • Portability: Never be caught off guard by the rain again. The compact design means you can always carry it with you.
  • Stylish Protection: Look good while staying dry. Our vibrant colors and sleek design make this umbrella a fashion statement. 💃🌂
  • Perfect Gift: These umbrellas make great gifts for friends and family. They’re practical and stylish – a win-win! 🎁🎉
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